Friday, March 1, 2013

[INFO] 130301 U-KISS’ 3rd Full-Length Album Release Details

Hello. This is NH Media.
This is a notice about U-KISS’s 3rd full-length album, ‘Collage’.
U-KISS’s 3rd full-length album ‘COLLAGE’
Album Title: U-KISS 3rd Album COLLAGE
Title Song: Standing Still
Release Date: 2013.3.7 (Thursday)
Album Content: 12 tracks, including an intro & special undisclosed video
01. Step by Step (Intro)
02. Standing Still
03. 숨도 못 쉬어
04. Missing You
05. 나쁘다
06. 아픔보다 아픈
07. My Reason
08. Party all the time
09. Sweety Girl
10. 사랑하니까
11. 아픔보다 아픈 (Inst.)
12. Standing Still (Inst.)

- Using Android’s NFC function and iPhone’s QR Code.
Video is included when the album is purchased.
Date: 2013.3.7 (Thursday) PM 12:00
Location: Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music and other online streaming sites.
Date: 2013.3.7 (Thursday)
Location: Kyobo Mungo, Sinnara Music, Evan Record and other offline locations.
Date: TBA
Coloured Version: Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music
Black & White Version: U-KISS’s Official YouTube
Melon _
Soribada _
Olleh Music _
The title track of the 3rd album ‘COLLAGE’ is track 2, ‘Standing Still’.
It is composed by Ryan Jhun, who also worked on the 7th mini-album.
The album also includes Kevin’s solo track ‘My Reason’, Eli & AJ’s duo-composed track ‘Party all the time’ and Soohyun & Hoon’s masterpiece ballad, composed by Kim HyungSeok, ‘아픔보다 아픈’. The album displays many of the member’s individual talents. Please look forward to it!! ^^
The 3rd album will be released on March 7 at 12pm.
In addition, promotions will officially begin on March 6 MBC Music Show! Champion. Please look forward to meeting U-KISS through broadcasts!
This album also marks AJ’s comeback to the stage. Please give him your warm support. ^^
For those who wish to support the activities for the 3rd album, applying for tickets is recommended. Please make sure you apply each week!
We are expecting a lot of support from Kiss Mes!!

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